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Family Summer Trip to Greece and Turkey

One of the most popular ways to see the Turkish Coast is by cruising on their traditional sailboats called, Gulets.  We spent a week with my in-laws and my own family on a beautiful gulet and visited many Greek Islands and Turkish coastal villages.  The water was turquoise blue and calm; we had plenty of time to go cannoing, wake boarding, and swimming between our destinations.  I have to say that the highlight was visiting two towns in particular–Symi and Rhodes.  Symi seems to be the Greek counterpart to Positano, the famous Italian village off the Amalfi Coast.  Rhodes had a great deal of history and archeological sights, which was interesting for the whole family.  We found out that the mideval wall surrounding the city is the best preserved in all of Europe!

Athens was also lots of fun, aside from the Acropolis, another must-see attraction is visiting the Gazi neighborhood, it is like what Soho used to be 20 years ago–lots of restaurants and bars and people watching.

As for Istanbul, this was not our first time visiting the city, and we were there for only a day. But the restaurant, Sunset in Uluz was simply magnificent. Tables have the view of the Bosphoreous and the bridge that connects Asia and Europe!  Having dinner there, with the full moon that showed right a red hot sun, was the perfect way to cap off our trip.

In a few weeks we will go back to S. of France and Corsica, so stay tuned for other travel updates.