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Shirin Neshat wins directorial award at the Venice Film Festival

It goes without saying that I am a die-hard fan of Shirin Neshat’s work.  But after interviewing her for an article in the Huffington Post, I was even more impressed by her.

After garnering much international acclaim for her photography and her video art, she took herself and her art into new territory by directing a feature film for the first time.

The film, Women without Men, is a visually arresting film with great political undertones.

It is uncanny to see that the demonstration scenes depicted in the 1953 CIA backed coup d’etat bears strong resemblance to the demonstration clips that come out of present day Iran.  In an interview, Shirin, a Mousavi supporter, stated, “People have changed. The dictators have changed in form and shape and ideology. But the struggle continues today.”

On September 12th, Shirin Neshat, wearing her green Mousavi bracelet, held her Silver Lion Award in the closing ceremony of the Venice Film Festival.  We should all be so proud of this great artist and trailblazer. I hope others get to view this movie soon.