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Upcoming Event at the JCC in Manhattan

As an author, one of the most prestigious places to have a book event is at the JCC in Manhattan, and on May 25th, I will have the opportunity to speak with the community about my book and my experiences as an Iranian-Jewish Immigrant.  Inevitably I am asked about my reasons behind writing the harrowing tale of our family’s escape from revolutionary-rocked Iran.  One reason I wrote Life as a Visitor because I wanted to give my community a voice.

At the JCC event, I want to share the varied stories of my people from Iran. It is interesting that through my book tour, I now realize that many people were not even aware that there were Jews in Iran. As a matter of fact, we were the largest community in the Middle East after Israel right at the start of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. With the revolution in 1979, 60% of Jews immigrated—so, the largest Jewish community in diaspora in the Middle East is now slowly but surely fading away. So, in a way by talking about my story and my heritage, I am reintroducing this ancient family of Jews and making their presence known. On a personal level though, I feel there is an urgency to document our story because with our move to the United Sates, and the declining Jewish population in Iran, our story will be lost forever.

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