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A Marathon Week

This week proved to be one of the busiest weeks of all for me: A book signing event at the Tycher Library, in coordination with the Jewish Federation of Dallas, and an interview at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas.  One of the great surprises of a book event is that you never know who shows up and whom you meet!

My Sunday book event in Dallas was just delightful and what made it even more fun was that my nephew, Ariel, a student at SMU, came to see me.  This is a big deal because in the past couple of years, I don’t think he has ever woken up before 11:00 am for anything.  (He plans all his classes at noon or later).  A big nod to my handsome Ariel and a big thank you to Shula, my sister-in-law, for joining me on this leg of the tour.

Then off to Austin I went. I met with my good friends, Suzanne and David Booth, who have just moved from Los Angeles to live there.  I am so grateful for their hospitality and for the spectacular party the had in honor of  my husband and me.  The following day I got a tour of the Ransom Center, and Molly, one of the curators, took me to their manuscript archives in the basement.  This was a real treat and an experience. Listen up book worms—you will love this!  I got the chance to see original manuscripts from Bowles, Beckett, and other greats, with their own handwritten editing work in the margins! And if you don’t know, I love the smell of old books, so imagine getting your hands on 200 year old bound manuscripts and books.

That evening, Suzanne Booth, who is also on the advisory board at the Ransom Center, did a Q & A there in the center’s theatre. I got a chance to meet fellow writers, some Iranians in Dallas, and of course other university faculty and students.

Okay, I know I should not brag about my kids, it is not a nice thing to do. But I can’t help myself. So, here I go!  Later on this week, Phillip and I went to Stanford for the new student orientation.  Words cannot express how exhilarating this experience was. The campus is gorgeous and the faculty and the courses offered are just mind blowing. In an ideal world I would want to be a university student forever. Really, it’s the truth!