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The Creative Process

The Creative Process - Angela NazarianCharles Bukowski, who is one of my favorite poets, was adamant that the writing should burst out without coercion or commercial ambition.

His advise to writers was simply: “Don’t Try”He went on to say, “That’s very important: not to try, either for Cadillacs, creation or immortality. You wait, and if nothing happens, you wait some more.”

Well, I have taken his advice to heart. When I finished my book tour in mid May, I personally gave myself a self-imposed sabbatical for a few months. This decision was primarily because I wanted to give myself the space to be creative without the added pressure of being productive. How many times have we all felt so guilty of spending time on a hobby or doing what we love because we feel that we need to be “working” on a project somehow?  I am certainly guilty of that!

In many ways, the past few months have been a real gift as I have the luxury of reading so many books, going to galleries and talks,  and letting my natural curiosity lead me in creative process.

Although I have had no specific agenda in my readings, I seem to keep reading biographies.  This is not done out of habit for my work, but because I am endlessly fascinated by people’s lives.  Interestingly enough, I am piecing together interesting overlaps and coincidences in the lives of the people I am reading about….  Yes, yes, I think to myself that these discoveries will somehow percolate into a definitive book of some sort, but for now, I am letting the creative process take its course.

Indeed, if there is one thing I have learned about myself during this time is that the real joy in my work lies in the process of discovery itself. The rest is the by-product!

Happy Summer to everyone!

An Artful Week

Last week started by my trekking to Sacramento for a two day meditation and writing retreat. Being in the quiet of the nature, and having time off from my hectic day to day schedule was a real gift. I managed to write a chapter for my upcoming book.

I came home refreshed and ready to embrace my activity filled weekend back in LA. Thursday night MOCA hosted a panel of distinguished guests and collectors that talked about the increasing popularity of Iranian Contemporary Art. The auditorium was packed with over three-hundred guests who sat on stairways and stood in the halls to listen to these panelists.

David and I were fortunate enough to host an afternoon tea on Saturday for Jeffrey Deitch, the new director of MOCA, and the panelists on Thursday night. Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller, whose gallery in New York has achieved a worldwide reputation for showcasing the best of Middle Eastern Art. Shirely Elghanian, founder of Magic of Persia had come from London to join us as well. Her non-profit helps emerging Iranian artists find their way to the international marketplace. Our honored guests also included Dina Nasser-Khadivi, an advisor and specialist in Iranian Contemporary Art, and consultant to Christie’s Auctioning House, and Mohammed Afkami, a key collector and supporter of Iranian Contemporary Art.

On Saturday the city was a buzz with news of the upcoming LACMA Renzo Piano designed Reznick Pavillion opening. The theme of the evening was a masked ball. Cars lined up for blocks at the start of the evening, and the star studded event was an overwhelming success. Tom Hanks, Bob Eiger, David Geffen, Ariana Huffington, Baldessari were among the guests who dined under the Italianesque tent. Christina Aguilera topped off the evening with an incredible performance.