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Literary Affairs and LACMA

I always knew that I liked organizations whose names started with a letter “L”.  But I didn’t know that I would start the year off with a double “L” bing bang! Julie Robinson,

the founder of Literary Affairs, is what I call a celebrity in the Southern California Literary Scene.  She runs 30 book clubs per month as well as organizes field trips and behind the scenes experiences for her readers to fully immerse them with the topics of the books. On January 8th, Literary Affairs organized an all-around stimulating and beautiful event at one of my favorite cultural organizations—LACMA.

As she had chosen my book, Life as a Visitor, to be showcased for her book club, she decided to give her readers and added layer of Persian experience.  As luck would have it, LACMA was holding an exhibition of two very rare and spectacular Persian carpets. Both Carpets date back to the first half of the 16th century and have been rarely exhibited to the public because of its size and sensitivity to light.

Guests toured the exhibit and saw sections of the Islamic Arts Section of the museum as well. And after the tour, Julie had an hour interview with me, where we engaged in a wonderful dialogue about my book, the Iranian culture and community.  The day was closed by a Persian Style lunch, that was co-hosted by Julie, and three of my dear friends, who are also members of her book club.  Thank you Julie, Pamela, Beth, and Alison.

It was a day to be remembered.

Here is a photo of me and my co-hosts along with the President of LACMA, Michael Govan.  And one of Julie and me.