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Persian New Year and Passover celebrations

This past Saturday was the first day of spring, which coincides with the Persian New Year. Parties and family festivities took place to celebrate the arrival of the new year. And as Persian Jews, we are now getting ready for Passover the following week.  Joan Nathan just wrote an article about my family, our traditional Sabbath evenings, and how we celebrate Passover. Some great recipes that have been passed down through generations have also been included.  Here is the link below.

Whether Jewish or not, we all feel that the newness of spring bring with a host of possibilities at our doorstep. So, I hope that this year brings much abundance and joy into everyone’s life.

High Atop the Eifel Tower in Paris

This week’s adventures took my husband and me to Paris. We were at the famous Maxim’s Restaurant for the book signing of Pierre Cardin only 3 hours after we landed in this beautiful city.  Needless to say, our week was full of wonderful experiences. Although we had been to Paris on numerous occasions, we had never done the most touristic excursion, which is going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  The day was clear and I shot many beautiful panoramic scenes of the city.

We managed to see 2 blockbuster exhibitions, one a retrospective of YSL at the Petit Palais and the Lucien Freud Exhibit at the Centre Georges Pompidou. (I hope to write about it in an article in the Huffington Post)

I also wanted to see the “Living Wall” installation of the exterior of the Musee du quai Branly that was designed and planted by Gilles Clement and Patrik Blanc.  To think that the entire facade of the building is planted material!

Of course, my favorite pastime between seeing art and roaming through the streets of Saint Germain des Pres and Le Maire is my hunt for the best hot chocolate.  (Laduree took the prize!)

David and I also had the great fortune of being invited to the American Ambassador’s residence for a music recital. This residence really is magnificent, but it is Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador Rivkin  that truly shine. They are both warm, intelligent, and engaging–we should only be so proud to them represent our country in France.

Here are some pictures of our 4 day get away! And yes, I spotted my book in the Assouline Store in St. Germain. It was such a great feeling.

The Glamorous Life of a Writer

Just last week, I was with a friend who was walking down a busy street in Los Angeles with her roll away carry-on luggage to catch a ride with me. Needless to say, we got many stares and I was secretly thankful that it was not me looking so awkward walking in the streets (although being next to her did not help either).

Who would have known that the following week, I would stroll right into a Saks Fifth Avenue Department Store in the plush Ball Harbor Mall with a carry-on luggage. I tried to keep my cool but I was in a rush to find a bathroom so that I could change, put on my make up, recharge my dead black berry, and  get ready for my book signing and the grand opening of Books & Books.

My flight from Los Angeles to Miami was a bit delayed and to make matters worse, I found out that my hotel was in the opposite direction and very far from my book event that evening. So, I had no choice, I drove straight to the mall– and did I tell you that I had never been to Miami either?

I found Saks at one end of the mall and went straight into the bathroom and opened my luggage….changed my clothes in the cramped space, recharged my blackberry batteries for 15 minutes, and put on make up and did my hair in the public space. A very friendly woman helped zip up my dress.  Voila! I was done, as horrifying and funny experience.  At least this story has a nice ending.  Ausbert de Acre from Assouline Publishers greeted me at the bookstore and said, “Angella, you look marvelous.” Oh….the book signing was a success!