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A New Spot on My World Map

As you all know from my web site, I can’t wait to go to a new destination—one that I have not been before.  My recent trip to Corsica was one of them!  I didn’t know what to expect. None of my close friends had visited but I had heard that it is a charming island.  I don’t know about you, but when people say “charming” or “interesting” to describe someone or someplace, I am apprehensive.

But there was nothing to worry about actually. Our hotel, although not super luxurious (there are no 5 star hotels in Corsica), was so beautiful.  It was located in the medieval city with beautiful restaurants and winding narrow streets.  What was more spectacular was the breath taking view of the port from our balcony.  A short walk down the hill led us to the port, which was packed with gorgeous yachts that travel through the coastline.

The beaches around Bonifacio were also something to behold—white sand and crystal clear, blue waters.  There is even a restaurant on an island that a boat can take you to for lunch.

We also spent a day hiking in the mountains (which had wonderful trails to a waterfall), and stopped by another quaint village and had an unbelievable lunch of osso bucco, duck confit.  We topped off our gourmet lunch with cheese and a chocolate soufflé. Thank Goodness we had gone for a hike!

Our last day was spent visiting Sardinia.  Sorry to spoil it for you all, but Corsica’s beaches are more beautiful, and the island of Sardinia is not as green.  Of course, Calla di Volpi is a beautiful hotel, but all in all I was so glad that we had stayed in Corsica for the duration of our stay.

Here are a few pictures of Corsica.  Now where should I go off to next????