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Creative Couples: 15 Partnerships that Changed History

Me in Paris, standing outside the house of Serge Gainsburg and Jane Birkin…. one of the famous couples I have showcased in my upcoming book.

It is with such excitement that I announce that I have finally submitted the final draft of my 4th and upcoming book, “Creative Couples: 15 Partnerships that Changed History”, to my publishers for printing.  In fact, it was on June 6th that my manuscript officially went off to print.

The experience of writing Creative Couples was quite different than the others.  The first book was the biggest challenge as I had to learn the entire process of writing, editing, pitching, and finding a publisher. This book, however, was a different project all together.  I read through almost 100 books before I felt I had the necessary information to start my project.  And with this massive amount of information came the challenge of synthesizing the life of two people and how they came together to literally change the course of history.

I was literally obsessed by the idea. I wanted to understand the underlying factors of two people coming together– as a couple as well as partners in work. I wanted to examine how personal relationships affect a couple’s work relationship, and most importantly, understand what makes for a gratifying and productive partnership?

There are stories of pairs who are similar, and tales of duos who are different, partners who were the same age and partners wo were born decades apart and married living on different continents. It was also surprising to find that some of these pioneering couples had such colorful if not titillating private lives—which makes for an even more entertaining read.

As many of you know, I had been a professor of psychology for over a decade, and I later transitioned into leading personal growth seminars for various communities.  I feel that in writing this book, I have come full circle. I was able to use my psychological background to glean insight on the relationships showcased in the book. I also feel that I now have a rich research and knowledge base for creating workshops on this very topic of relationships and partnerships.

Please stay tuned … October 3rd will be the official launch of my book and I hope to do a proper book tour so that I can share everything that I have learned with my readers.